We are a soil health diagnostic service. As an agricultural technology company, we own and operate a leading soil analysis and web-based soil prescription platform,  SoilyticsTM. We believe our technology-powered, soil analytics platform is a more efficient mechanism than the conventional chemical wet lab system to improve soil health. Enabled by our proprietary technology, we aggregate thousands of data sets, using hyperspectral technology. We create the scale of a brick-and-mortar lab (in the field) without the high fees and overhead typical of the old-fashioned laboratory.


We are developing technology to proactively protect the environment and empower people to enact solutions in a profitable fashion to implement sustainable practices. We need to get more food from every acre while protecting the environment

Growers today need access to real-time information with square meter resolution to understand farm profitability.
We live on a planet of 7 billion people that is projected to have more than 2 billion more mouths to feed by 2050.
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