Why It Matters

We spend billions of dollars to grow more food yet use imprecise methods to make decisions that impact those input dollars.


Current soil sampling is done by taking a single sample per 4 acres. Imprecise chemical soil analysis, produces an inaccurate map, making input decisions very difficult.


Hyperspectral soil analysis, utilizes a sensor to quickly record multiple soil readings, directly to a field computer.
The more precise Hyperspectral soil data, greatly improves input decisions.

Automation of Existing, Labor-Intensive Process

Less Expensive and Faster

Actionable Real Time Information

More Precise per Acre

Changing The Way We Grow Food

Small farmers in Asia and Africa do not have access to modern agronomic nutrient management.Building networks of soil labs is not feasible. Our technology can be implemented seamlessly from the cloud.

More people have cell phones than toilets in many of these areas. This has the potential to increase sustainable production moving hundreds of millions people out of poverty.

Clean Water Act 2018 Nutrient Criteria

We support good environmental stewardship of our waterways by helping farmers place precise soil nutrients only where and when they are needed most.

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